Puerto Varas

Places to Stay (10)

The bedrooms at this hotel are spacious.

4-star hotel

Radisson Hotel Puerto Varas

Puerto Varas, Chile

Free wifi access - Free parking - Free swimming pool - Restaurant onsite - Bar onsite - Service dogs allowed

With views of the lake and the volcanoes, the Radisson Hotel in Puerto Varas has an indoor swimming pool and a spa. Check out its accessibility here!

Things to Do (7)

Saltos del Petrohué views to the volcano.

Outdoor activity / Private tour

From $30 USD/ person

Saltos del Petrohue

Beautiful waterfalls and green and snowed volcano surroundings, every view will be available from the accessible trail.

Guides / staff members will be available to assist

Transportation not included

Accessible bathrooms available at every place of the activity

Places visited are all wheelchair accessible and can be navigated independently

No adaptive equipment included

From $30 USD/ person

Kayaking in La Poza Lagoon

Water activity / Group tour

From $60 USD/ person

Kayaking in La Poza Lagoon

A half-day kayaking tour on La Poza lagoon, with accessible kayaks and a qualified instructor.

Guides / staff members have been trained by Wheel the World to provide assistance to people with disabilities during the activity

Transportation is not wheelchair accessible but assistance will be provided for transfers

No accessible bathrooms available for the activity

Few accessibility measures are in place and assistance is needed for the full experience

Adaptive equipment is included and can be used independently or assisted

From $60 USD/ person